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By Admin
19 Sep 2018

The US economy is booming and the agency biz is ripe for disruption: the combination continues to fuel an acquisition bubble that only seems to be getting bigger.

Here’s a brief update on some of the deals that we’ve seen over the summer:

  • PenFed signed a deal with WHITE64, an unusual deal that doesn’t make a lot of sense to Marketpinion…
  • Elite SEM caught the current and...
Frenemies by Ken Auletta
By Admin
16 Aug 2018

If you are at all familiar with the advertising business (and if you are reading this post, I’m assuming you are), then the premise of Ken Auletta’s new book Frenemies is painfully familiar: the decline of the Mad Men and the emergence of Quants that have undermined the traditional agency by automating most of the marketing process. So, is there anything new in the book that would make it worth an industry insider’s attention?

Absolutely. Yes.

If you’ve heard of...

Brand America
By Admin
28 Jun 2018

In these fractious and partisan times it’s interesting how U.S. politicians of all stripes are eager to distance themselves from their chosen profession. Democrats and Republicans alike, no matter their actual tenure, are all suddenly Washington “outsiders.” And in the Age of Trump, many have also developed a newly found appreciation for how businesses are run, and think government could learn a trick or two from corporate America. We don’t need a President, they seem to be saying, we need a...

Advertising digital agencies get eaten
By Admin
06 Jun 2018

It’s not new news, it’s just got worse: consulting and technology firms like Accenture, IBM and Deloitte are investing heavily in markets traditionally dominated by advertising, digital and brand agencies.

You doubt the trend? Then consider this:

  • Recent agency acquisitions
    At Marketpinion, over the last year, we’ve tracked over 30 significant agency deals where a consulting firm has snapped up an agency: Sia acquired Fove; Accenture acquired HO; Deloitte bought...
Agency M&A update May 2018
By Admin
16 May 2018

The trend of management consulting firms buying their way into the agency world continues to accelerate, with digital and technology-focused firms being on the top of their lists. Overall, agency acquisitions seem to have slowed compared to the same period last year, although the market is still very healthy.

Here’s some recent deals we noted:

WPP advertising agency
By Admin
26 Apr 2018

WPP is the world’s largest advertising agency and something of a bellwether for the industry. When times are good for WPP, then so it goes for other agencies across advertising, PR, research and elsewhere. But when times are bad…

Last week, one of WPP’s largest accounts, Ford Motor Company, surprised many by announcing it was putting the account up for bid. Some estimates...

Agency Acquisitions Update for March 2018
By Admin
31 Mar 2018

The agency world continues to undergo structural changes, and this is reflected in a continued acceleration in agency M&A activity. We’re seeing a growth in non-traditional deals – for example, from the consulting industry – as well as continued interest in digital agencies with specific, niche skills and capabilities.

Here’s our summary of recent deals:

Data Privacy for advertising digital agencies
By Admin
23 Mar 2018

If you’re an advertising, digital, or other agency handling or processing client data, pay close attention: you need to become very familiar with data privacy regulations. Your business is at stake.

Even before the Facebook debacle and the scandal with Cambridge Analytica, marketing pros knew how pervasively data is being used to drive modern digital marketing. Facebook...

Gun control demonstration
By Admin
05 Mar 2018

It doesn’t matter where you live – the U.S., Colombia, France, South Korea or the U.K. – your elections have been manipulated by Russia.

The U.S. is getting most media attention, but Russian efforts to change the outcome of elections is pervasive. The primary tools they use are social media, fomenting discord, fake news and inciting voters over one or other candidate that favors Russian interests.

Agencies profess an expertise in this world – they advise clients on social media...

By Admin
09 Feb 2018

The pace of M&A activity seems to be increasing, with substantial deal announcements over the last month. Advertising agencies have been especially active, at a time when investors are starting to see the sector as more attractive after a prolonged sell-off. Here are the deals we saw:


  • Columbus-based ad agency Fahlgren Mortine...