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Marketpinion Best Agencies


The Best Agencies?

It's a bold, perhaps brash claim to list the best agencies in the world. So let's acknowledge that like any awards or rankings, Marketpinion's lists are flawed and our methodology is fallible. We have only one thing in our favor: our lists are based entirely on the reviews of current and former agency clients like you. We don't solicit input from "experts" or jurers or ask for nominations. We definitely don't play favors with advertisers or receive any financial incentives. 

Our lists are formulated directly from the star-reviews provided on our site. We then select agencies based on those reviews, and based on location and categories. The categories include advertising, PR, digital, research and brand agencies, which are the most popular categories on our site. We've listed agencies in large cities that are hubs of activity, and where we have a large pool of listings and sufficient reviews to make the rankings meaningful.

Fitting agencies into a neat single category can sometimes be difficult, especially for larger agencies that cover multiple categories. We make efforts to ensure that the reviews reflect on specific attributes of the agency, and weight review accordngly. We don't distinguish between huge multinational agencies with an army of staff, and your regional boutique with a handful of people: a good agency is a good agency. Nor do we distinguish within a category between deep-domain specialists and broad generalists. This may change as we get more reviews on the site and the number of listings grows.


How to Use the Listings

We typically list five agencies in each category for each city we cover. At the moment, we only cover New York City, San Francisco and the Bay, London, and Sydney. Expect that to expand in the coming year, as we attract more reviews and listings.

The listings are in order, with the best reviewed agency first. However, be cautious - the difference between the 1st and 5th agency is often slight. We expect rankings to change rapidly over time. Treat the lists as a good place to start your search, but not as a definitive guide.

We believe there is no better judge of an agency's abilities than the opinions of current and former clients who have first-hand experience. We work hard to ensure that the reviews are honest and fair. Congratulations to all the agencies that are listed here - you have earned the respect and trust of your customers.


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