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Tips For Searching


Tips For Searching

Marketpinion lists thousands of agencies that provide a wide variety of services. Every listing is described in detail, and can be searched by a wide variety of criteria. Need a PR agency in Australia with financial services expertise? We can guide you to a number of listings that fit the bill.

Getting Started: Simple, Quick Searches

We make finding the right resources easy. Our main Search Bar let’s you begin searching by free text, category, and by location. You can combine all three options to find just what you need, or search broadly to browse for listings. Here’s how each option works:

  • Free text search
    The free text field allows you to search across all the information about a listing, including title, location, and description fields. Search for “Kreab Gavin Anderson” to locate a specific company, or “bus London” to find advertising agencies for London buses.
  • Categories
    We place each listing in broad categories (PR, advertising, digital, and so on) to help narrow your search. Looking for a brand strategy firm? A lobbying agency? Narrow your search using categories to find what you need. More information about categories is below.
  • Locations
    Narrow your search by country. We cover the globe, so no matter where you’re looking, you should find what you need.
  • Specializations
    Many agencies and consultancies have experience and expertise in a certain field. Need a firm that understands the healthcare market? Sports marketing? Information technology? We’ve isolated the expertise of listed agencies so you can target exactly what you need. Specializations are only listed after you do an initial search, and can be used to narrow results further. More information about specializations is below.
  • Agency Size
    Most listings indicate their size (number of employees), which can help isolate local experts or global players. This option only appears after you have done an initial search.
  • Reviews
    The most important criterion most people use to select an agency is the recommendation and endorsement of current and former customers. We curate thousands of reviews from marketing professionals like you, describing their experiences working with the companies we list. Each review includes a five-star rating that can be used to isolate the best agencies on Marketpinion. This option to narrow search results only appears after you have done an initial search.


Listing Categories

The main way we group agencies is by the specific services they provide. These categories of services will help you narrow a search based on your specific interests. Narrowing your search based on category will save a lot of time. And effort. Here are the categories:

Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies offer a variety of creative and media services, as well as research and strategic messaging. Full-service agencies offer an integrated service, while other agencies may outsource functions such as media buying.

Advertising Agencies

Branding agencies create, plan and manage branding strategies for clients, which can also involve market research, messaging, strategic positioning, advertising and promotion. Agencies can create new brand identities, or rebrand existing organizations.


Many agencies, subject-matter experts, and freelance writers help organizations develop content and digital assets. Agencies can also support inbound marketing strategies.


Digital is a broad category that covers all digital strategies including web development, SEO, data analytics and marketing automation. Digital can also include search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, digital advertising, influencer marketing, content automation and social programs.


Direct marketing agencies facilitate communicating directly to customers and prospects through a variety of channels and media. This includes traditional mail (catalog distribution, flyers and database marketing) and new techniques for mobile devices and other digital platforms. Direct agencies can support prospect targeting, database development, distribution and testing.


Event management covers the planning and execution of large-scale events (festivals and conferences) to small-scale and more intimate engagements. Agencies identify audience, define the event concept, provide planning and logistics support, and execute an event against a budget and set of agreed objectives.


Government affairs and lobbying agencies work with clients and local, regional and national government agencies and elected officials to influence political decisions. Agencies can be narrowly focused on certain issues or government bodies, or may be party-affiliated.

Public Relations

PR or communications firms work to create strategies for bringing information about a client into the public sphere. Often this involves media relations (creating newsworthy stories that get coverage in various media outlets), social media management, and message development. PR agencies can advise on crisis communications and internal communications, or specialize with certain audiences (for example, investors).


Print covers full service print production companies as well as regional signage and collateral production companies. Print also covers billboards, graphic solutions, direct mail, mailing services and promotional products.


Market research companies offer a variety of quantitative and qualitative research services, including focus groups, survey research, one-on-one interviews, competitive intelligence, polling, data analytics, digital marketing services, segmentation evaluation, and marketing programs review.


Marketpinion also categorizes agencies and marketing services companies by areas of specializations. Agencies are listing by 16 broad specializations:

  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Government and Public Affairs
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Leisure and Sports
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Multinational and Multicultural
  • NonProfit Sector and Charities
  • Professional Services, Legal and Consulting
  • Retail
  • Science and Engineering
  • Software and IT Services
  • Talent Management
  • Telecommunications