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Reviews FAQ

How do I create a review?

Creating a review is easy. Register or login to your Marketpinion account. When you navigate to an agency page, you’ll see an Add a Review link near the top of the page, next to the current star-rating for the agency.

When you add a review, you’ll be asked to provide an overall star-rating, a title for the review, and commentary. You’ll need to complete all these fields for the review to be accepted and published.

Who can create a review?

Any registered member of Marketpinion can create a review – please add your opinions to the site!

To preserve fairness and independence, we do have some obvious rules. First, you can’t review your own agency (duh!). If you’re a current employee or affiliated with an agency, please don’t give yourself a review.

Also, don’t “ghost” a review for one of your clients (that’s cheating, and we don’t like it). Instead, encourage your clients to write a review for themselves. We encourage you to get current and former clients to write about their experiences working with you.

Oh, and feel free to respond to reviews that you find interesting, confusing, annoying or are just really helpful. This is where we do encourage agencies to write responses and engage with people who give them reviews (in fact, it’s one of the best things you can do).

How do I respond to a review?

Good question! Anyone registered on Marketpinion can respond to reviews (including employees of the agency being reviewed). Reviews can be very helpful, annoying, informed or baffling (and sometimes all of these things at once): engage with the reviewer.

Again, we have some obvious rules. First, be nice. Be civil. Don’t flame. If we see behavior that misses the mark, we’ll remove the comments and in some cases, cancel the offending account (but most people are gracious and professional, so it’s very rare for us to have to do any of this).

What can I do if a review is inaccurate or malicious?

Another good question. First, we should distinguish between inaccuracies and things that offend. If you see a review that is clearly inaccurate or misleading, then contact us immediately and we’ll take action. We’ll do everything we can to maintain the Marketpinion community.

If you see a review that’s offensive, also let us know. We’ll do everything we can to address your concerns.

How can I remove or correct one of my reviews?

You can manage your reviews using your Profile Dashboard. This includes removing or correcting a review, as well as updating your profile and managing your accounts and listings. If you have any issues, reach out to us and we can help.

How can I get more reviews for my agency?

Getting strong reviews for your agency is the single most significant thing you can do to drive business at Marketpinion. Our independent reviews are cited as the single biggest factor influencing opinion and driving selection of an agency.

One thing you can do to get more reviews is to encourage your current and former customers to create reviews describing their experiences working with you. Please – don’t write reviews for them, we take this masquerading very seriously. Happy customers are often more than willing to provide you a review themselves, and the whole process takes only a few minutes.