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How to Optimize Your Listing on Marketpinion


How to Optimize Your Listing on Marketpinion

Marketpinion lists thousands of marketing agencies offering an amazing array of services – how can you stand out? Based on an analysis of site traffic and listing performance, here’s some tips that draw the most visitors and the best results.
Be Detailed

Use all the fields included in Marketpinion, and be specific about who you are and the capabilities you provide. Agencies that fail to list their size, or provide details about the specializations they offer, usually underperform. Similarly, agency listings with very short company descriptions tend to get less search traffic on Marketpinion. These details are used by our search engine to help guide users, and their absence means you won’t be found as easily as other agencies.

For more information about listing fields (Categories, Specializations and so on), see Tips for Searching.

Be Specific

Visitors to Marketpinion usually have a specific goal in mind (I need to find a PR agency in Australia with experience in Financial Services). Make sure you stand out by referencing your expertise and domain experience, the specific capabilities you provide, and the interesting details that set you apart. Don’t be afraid to elaborate in the Description field.

Encourage Reviews!

Got happy customers? Encourage them to register at Marketpinion and express their views by giving you a review. The most significant thing you can do for your listing is to get strong, positive reviews.

We go to great lengths to vet reviews to make sure they’re legitimate, but we have no prohibition against agencies encouraging customers to sign up.

Don't Boast

Empty boasts and inflated marketspeak aren’t impressive. Stick to the facts, speak in your natural voice, and rely on your inherent experience.

Understand Your Audience

Our audience is predominantly senior marketing professionals from around the globe, with an average of about 10 years’ professional experience. They’re familiar with the agency world and know what they want – but often struggle to find the right talent. They’re looking for agencies that match requirements and have the skills they need.

Consider a Premium Listing

If you can, invest in a Premium listing. It will give you greater control over content, and greater visibility in search results that match your specific capabilities. And you’ll get detailed reports on listing performance and a 25% discount on promotional activities.