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Listings FAQ

How do I get my agency listed on Marketpinion?

Listing your agency or consultancy is easy. Simply register on Marketpinion, and you’ll receive a notification from us that you can login as a member and create a new listing for your company. If you’ve already registered on Marketpinion, then you can start creating your listing here.
Listing an agency is free for a Basic listing. Premium listings have an annual subscription.
Note: You will need to register with an email address that matches the identity of the company you want to list. We may take other steps to verify that you are an official representative of the company.


How do I make changes to my listing on Marketpinion?

Premium listings are easy to change and keep up-to-date. Login, and follow the link to your active listing. You can instantly change any information, add new information, or update Events and News. The online Admin Tools are easy to use.
Basic listings do not come with Admin capabilities. If you have factual changes you’d like to make to your listing, contact us as FindOutMore@Marketpinion.com. We endeavor to make changes at our discretion.


Why was my listing on Marketpinion was rejected?

It is very unusual for us to reject a listing. When we do, the most common reason is that we cannot verify that the request was made by an authorized, current employee of the company being listed. Remember to register using an email address that matches the identity of the company you want to list. We will take other steps to verify a listing.
Marketpinion reserves the right to refuse a listing for any reason at our sole discretion. However, we’re nice people and we really don’t do this very often.


My agency is already listed on Marketpinion. Can I make changes?

Yes. If your agency is already listed on Marketpinion, register with us using the company email, then send a request to FindOutMore@Marketpinion.com. We’ll give you temporary ownership of the listing to make appropriate changes. Please be patient, this may take some time.
Note that you cannot make multiple requests to change the same listing unless it’s a Premium listing.


How can I add a review to an agency listing?

It’s easy! Register at Marketpinion first. Once registered, simply login and go the listing you want to review. It’s very easy.


Can I upgrade from a Basic to a Premium Listing? What about for an existing listing?

Yes. Register on the site, then follow the link to the existing listing and change the status to Premium and follow the usual payment process. If you have problems, make a request at FindOutMore@Marketpinion.com.
To upgrade an existing listing to Premium, follow the process for making a new listing. Complete all the information you’d want to include in the listing (even if the listing details aren’t changing). In the description field, mark that you would like to take over an existing listing, then make the payment. We will accept your new version of the listing, and delete the old listing.


There are errors on my Listing. How can I correct them?

If you have a Premium listing, then you can use the Admin tools to make any corrections. If you’re having issues, contact us on email and we’ll help fix things.
For a Basic listing, contact us on email. We’ll attempt to make corrections, but cannot guarantee a response time. We will need to verify that you’re a representative of the company listed.


How do you verify reviews?

It’s a secret how we verify reviews ;-)
Seriously. We take several steps to verify every review we receive, but we’re aware that most review sites are subject to “gaming” by the unscrupulous. You know who you are.
If you think you’ve found bad behavior on our site, please let us know.


What do the Categories mean?

Categories are how we sort listing. You can find out al about Categories here.


What do Specializations mean?

Specializations are, well, special. They tell you about experience, expertise, and know-how. You can find out more here.