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Marketpinion Guidelines


Marketpinion Guidelines

We often get asked about how to engage on Marketpinion. Here are guidelines for how to connect with your marketing peers, engage with our community, and work with our team in the best way.
Engaging with the Marketpinion Community – Our Forum

Marketpinion has thousands of marketing professionals like you. They average over 10 years’ professional experience and come from over 30 different countries. The best way to engage with these people is on our Forum, where you can ask questions and engage in conversations about the profession.

We also encourage you to engage with reviewers of your listings, especially if you have answers to queries.

If You Have Concerns ...

We take steps to make sure that we create an open marketplace of marketing professionals. Our brand hinges on the trust we create and the community we build. If you’re concerned about what you see or read on Marketpinion, contact us. We take your comments seriously, and act on your input.