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Create a listing

Join a growing community of marketing professionals. We have thousands of agencies listed on Marketpinion, ranging from small regional consultancies to global multinationals. Creating a listing for your company is easy.
  Basic Premium   Featured
Submit a listing Yes Yes
Admin Tools   Yes
Ability to change all listing details   Yes
Ability to add news, job listings and events   Yes
Detailed reporting on listing performance   Yes
25% discount on promotions and advertising   Yes
Enhanced visibility in search results   Yes
Pricing Free $349 per year


Create a listing now!

We've made creating a listing simple. First, join our network and create a user account. We’ll need to verify that you are a representative of the company being listed, so please register with your current work email address (we promise not to market this information to anyone). You'll receive notification that your account has been activated, and you'll then have the ability to build new listings for your agency. It only takes a few minutes!


Free (Basic) Listing

You can create a basic listing for free, and it’s simple and quick to do. First, register a new user account at Marketpinion, and once that’s accepted you can start straight away. The submission form will prompt you to provide basic information about your company (look at Optimize Listings for more details and help making your listing attract the right viewers).

Premium Listing

Premium listings give you much greater control and much more visibility on Marketpinion. We attract a highly targeted audience of marketing professionals that are actively searching for agency support – get in front of them.

Premium listings are under your complete control. You can chance listing data, add new information, and keep the audience informed about the your latest news and events – the  new account win, an event you’re sponsoring, the award you’ve won or the latest job vacancy.
Premium listings also get enhanced visibility on Marketpinion. You’ll be seen more in search results and featured first in rankings and lists that match the specific search criteria.

We’ll also give you a detailed metric reports every six months that explains what’s being searched on, how often you appear in results, and details about views and other activity. We’ll also give you 25% off all promotional packages on Marketpinion (which can easily pay for the Premium listing). We offer a 30-day, no questions money-back guarantee.