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2019 Agency Survey: Cautious Optimism

2019 Agency Survey: Cautious Optimism

The results are in. We surveyed our over 20,000 agencies listed on Marketpinion to ask a few simple questions: their optimism for the future, and their expectations for their business in 2019.

We received respondes from a wide range of agencies, covering advertising, brand, digital, PR and research.



Overall, agencies are optimistic about 2019. Over 75% of respondents are very or somewhat optimistic about the future. This is a marked increase form last year's survey, where we saw concerns about prospects for 2018. Optimism was especially strong among digital and brand agencies; less so among advertising and PR agencies. The US market was slighly less optimsitic than other regions.


Agencies are mixed about the revenue outlook. Despite their optimism, most agencies expect only a modest improvement in revenue over this year. Again, digital and brand agencies aremore bullish and expect stronger revenue growth.

Overall, most agencies are not forecasting a strong headcount increase, but the picture is very variable by geography and specialism. US agencies are forecasting more headcount growth than agencies in APAC; EMEA agencies have a netural outlook. Digital agencies and research organizations are expecting strong growth.